Goodyear improves the energy efficiency of its tyre

Goodyear improves the energy efficiency of its tyre

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Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company has announced in a press release, that they are using a new form of silicon, capable of optimizing the energy efficiency of tyres.

AGILON Performance Silica: silica new generation

This “new generation” silica, produced by chemical enterprise, PPG Industries is named “AGILON Performance Silica”. It enables the improvement of driving resistance and the traction of tyres, and reduces the fuel consumption in vehicles from 5 to 10%, according to data from PPG Industries.

“Silica is used as a reinforcing agent in mixtures of tyre tread rubber”, explains Goodyear in its communication. “Compared to black carbon, a reinforcing agent traditionally used for pneumatics, silica effectively enables the reduction of driving resistance. And a weak driving resistance means less fuel consumption.”

For David Zangig, Global director of Science and materials for Goodyear, this new silica “plays an essential role in the satisfaction of the needs” of his clients. In fact, it is being used more and more to ensure “fuel economy” for tyres. “But they do not want tyres to perform less in other areas, though”, adds David Zangig.

Economical and respectful of the environment

Better yet, AGILON silica, which has been incorporated, enables the reduction of energy consumption necessary in the production of tyres. In summary, its use promotes respect of the environment.

If silica will be used in the Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV, presented from this month on the Latin American market, it is necessary to wait for 2016 to see it introduced on other markets around the globe, France included.

AGILON® Performance Silica Products via PPG Silica Products

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