The best tyre brands in 2018

The best tyre brands in 2018

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The best tyre brands of 2018

Tyre ranking 2018

New year, new barometer from Tyrecomp!

Our team examined our users’ searches and took stock to present you with the best results of 2018 in 15 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Find the favourite tyre brands of Europeans in 2018 and buy smart!

Michelin, the unsurpassed tyre champion

For the fourth consecutive year, the French brand is in first place on the podium! This year Michelin is the big winner of the battle of tyre giants to offer quality tyres at the best price. In fact, it gets an unprecedented victory by being the first in the top 3 of the favourite brands of Europeans in 11 of the 15 countries. This achievement could be explained by the great success of the CrossClimate+ tyres, which combine the best innovations of summer and winter tyres for high performance tyres in any weather.

Continental in second place

The German manufacturer which is usually the leader in Germany, has fallen and now occupies the second place on the podium in its country. Far from stagnating, Continental continues to progress in Europe and occupies the first place in Denmark and Switzerland. Overtaken by Michelin and followed by Goodyear, it continues in second place and remains on the podium.

Paradoxically, and as shown by the rankings on our website, the German brand’s have obtained the best results in most of the performance tests carried out by the main independent European organisations. The Continental Wintercontact ts 860 demonstrates its excellence by winning almost every winter tyre test in 2018.

Goodyear in the top 3 of the most popular brands

Fourth last year, Goodyear knows a strong ascent. It is second in France, Belgium, Spain, Ireland and Luxembourg. Thanks to these encouraging results, it managed to move up to third place.

Neck and neck

Hankook and Pirelli, fourth and fifth respectively, are well behind the champions, but they manage to win over the Europeans. This year they have very similar results. The Korean manufacturer, Hankook wins this year the heart of the French, gets the third place behind Goodyear and conquers the Italians by taking the lead in the ranking. Pirelli, one of Italy’s leading tyre manufacturers, took first place in the UK and is still popular in its own country, where it is third on the podium.

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