The Maxplo tyre rewarded for its futuristic design

The Maxplo tyre rewarded for its futuristic design

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The Maxplo tyre, made by the South Korean manufacturer Kumho won the Italian award “A-Design Award” in Futuristic Design category.

Lee Jae-Moon and Park Jae-Pil, creators of the Maxplo tyre, explained that they their aim was to make an impression: “A tyre must be recognizable, and we think that the new Kumho is distinguished by its unique and striking look. Visibility is primordial. You should be able to recognize Kumho even remotely. ”


A foolproof tyre

The Maxplo tyre is not only stylish but also robust. “It was designed to challenge the environment, every types of roads and all weather conditions,” declares Kumho on its website.

Composed of multidimensional stable blocks, the Maxplo tyre ensures “a responsive handling, stability and a perfect grip”, even at high speed, announces the South Korean company. “The internal structure of the tyre is reinforced in order to improve maneuverability, high speed performance and easier driving on snowy or muddy ground.” An “invincible” tyre in short.



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