Our blog is now live!

Our blog is now live!

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Since we have opened our blogs in France, Germany and Italy, we were waiting to see our English version live and it’s now done. With this first blog post we wanted to show you how our blog is working and what were our motivations in order to create it.

Why creating a blog for tyrecomp.co.uk?

You cannot imagine how many emails we are receiving from internet users everyday. Those messages are dealing about many different topics such as tyres, our partners, general inquiries, etc. We really think it is high time for us to share those valuable information and to show you how we see the tyre and car industry.

Through this blog, we would also like to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts with us. Comments, suggestions, remarks are more than welcome on our website.

Who is this blog for?

Like our services, this blog is made for a very large audience: car owners, motorcyclists, retailers, etc. Everybody is welcome and we really hope you will enjoy reading our articles.

Even if our website is ending by a .co.uk, our articles are designed for all English-speaking people.

What will we talk about?

As you have probably already understood, we will mainly talk about tyres through different aspects:

  • Buying-Maintenance: some advice on how to choose and take care of your tyres.
  • Our analysis: our analysis of the trends on the tyre market.
  • New tyres: all you need to know about the new tyres created each year.
  • Professionals: some articles about tyre retailers, manufacturers, recycling tyre companies, etc.
  • TyreComp : this category is about us and our services

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