Conference « The connected tyre: the evolution of business »

Conference « The connected tyre: the evolution of business »

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When will a tyre be “connected” to the future?

Last 3 June in Paris, the conference « The connected tyre: the evolution of business » was the event not to miss in the automobile field. At the Intercontinental Hotel, pneumatic professionals met to attend an integrated microchip tyre presentation, developed by Goodyear-Dunlop. In front of a packed room, the American director of the chain lifted the veil on this little technological gem. Under the aegis of his European Project Manager, Étienne Besnoin, the company made the presentation before more than a hundred industry professionals.

An interactive tyre

The “Chip-in-tire” system by Goodyear-Dunlop consists of an electronic micro-chip, inside the tyre which is able to communicate instantaneously with the electronic commands of the vehicle. Variations in pressure or temperature in the tyre are captured by the micro-chip, which transmits them to the on-board computer. This then estimates in, real time, the pressure, the maximum load and the level of wear and tear. From there, it verifies the pneumatic state on a Smartphone before a long trip in just a single step!

Connected for better security

In addition to its practical advantages, the micro-chip tyre brings significant advantages for the safety plan. Immediate detection of tyre pressure significantly contributes to the optimization of the stopping distance with ABS, adherence in bends and automatic control of stability. Able to recharge on its own, the “Chip-in-tire” system is entirely autonomous for safety, which stands the test of time.

A James Bond version tyre!

This little revolution in electronic tyres echoes recent innovations in the field, unveiled at the 85th automobile Salon in Geneva last March. At this occasion, the Nordic leader, Nokian Tyres presented a tyre unlike others.

With the announcement of a winter-summer tyre with retractable crampons on command, the Finnish firm set itself apart from its counterparts. Straight out of an action film, the Snow-Hakkapeliitta is a tyre whose cleats come out at the simple press of a button on the dashboard. According to the state of the road, the driver can, at any moment, equip the snow tyres, by simply activating the traction control system on command. This is the stuff that amateur 007 agents dream of, and Aston Martin was already sporting this pneumatic gadget in the eighties. Nokian Tyres however seeks to reduce production costs and we still need to wait for it to come onto the market.

Simpler but also futuristic, the double braking” tyre from Goodyear has also made a sensation during this salon. Formed with two hollowed-out interior and exterior beads with a central band, its contact surface to the ground is reduced for less rolling resistance. Its stability is however assured due to a wider foundation.

A James Bond Tyre

Recharging your batteries with pneumatics?

At the crossroads between advanced technology and green revolution, Goodyear has this year released a double whammy with the thermo-solar BH03 tyre. Due to its electric polarisation material, the BH03 tyre from Goodyear is able to convert its own heat into electricity, which is cleared during driving. This energy can be reused to recharge the batteries of an electric vehicle. This is great news for motorists seeking to sell a petrol car and to reinvest in a cleaner and more economical model. Its second advantage is its colour: the BH03 tyre has ‘ultra-black’ zones on driving surfaces to more efficiently capture the sun’s heat before recycling it.

Goodyear double footprint tyre
Goodyear double footprint tyre

Batmobile version tyres: we’ve been dreaming about them and the manufacturers have made made them. Connected, electric or automatic, the tyre of the future is as interactive as it is autonomous. It is self-powering for a more efficient and more comfortable control from the driver’s post. Economical, it feeds from its own energy. Multifunctional, it adapts itself to different types of terrain. Ecological and intelligent, the tyre of the future is determined to keep up with the times!

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