2014’s top 20 tyre manufacturers

2014’s top 20 tyre manufacturers

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The German magazine Neue Reifenzeitung unveiled its annual ranking of the world’s manufacturers for 2014. What companies generate the most revenue? Let’s see the answer!


An unchanged top 5

The top 5 remains unchanged from year to year. Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental and Pirelli, in this order, already dominated the rankings last year. Among these five winners, only Goodyear and Continental recorded a positive sales increase (+ 5% and + 3.5% respectively). Bridgestone (-0.18%), Michelin (-3.4%) and Pirelli (-2%) recorded losses.

Further down the ranking, Triangle and MRF got impressive rates of growth, up to 17.2% for the Chinese company and 19.7% for the Indian manufacturer. Triangle climbed to 14th place and MRF to the 17th place.

Nokian, meanwhile, lost a place in the rankings and sees a revenues fall of – 8.67% between 2013 and 2014, the biggest drop recorded for this top 20. Other manufacturers which suffered significant losses: Giti Tire (- 6.2%), Zc Rubber (- 6.8%) and Chinese Linglong Tyres (- 5.3%), which recently entered the rankings in 20th place.


Cooper is gradually recovering from the 2013


In 2013, the sales of the US company Cooper Tire plummeted 20% “and its operating profit was almost cut in half, failing due to strikes that paralyzed its factories in China,” stated Le Pneumatique.

Having lost three places, from the 10th position to the 13th last year, Cooper showed signs of recovery in 2014, taking back his 10th place in the rankings.


Die größten Hersteller via Reifenpresse.de

* Sales in million of Euros

In short, this top 20 produced by Neue Reifenzeitung confirms the results of our barometers with Michelin, Continental, Goodyear and Bridgestone arriving regularly at the top of the ranking. Take a look at the barometer of Tyrecomp for the first quarter of 2015: the ranking of the most popular tyres brands in Europe.

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